Album: UNKEMPT (2010)

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Song: Pigs Get Fat, Hogs Get Slaughtered

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UNKEMPT, originally founded in 2002, hails from the Tampa Bay/Central Florida area. Captivating and engaging, the live performance of UNKEMPT is an intense experience of sweaty hair, neck-breaking chugs, and delicately intrinsic guitar work. The band has produced consistent numbers through the door and have made themselves a dominant figure in the Florida metal scene. As featured in the Tampa Bay Times, Saint Petersburg Times, and various other print, this band could successfully compete with any other modern act from progressive genres to thrash and death metal. Unkempt has generated positive press and wowed audiences with their performances supporting seasoned national acts like Obituary, Whitechapel, and Otep to name a few. They have had two successful independent releases and have developed an established following both live and in the online digital forum.